Gen Con or Bust

Gen Con is about a week away. When I write my blog next Tuesday evening, I’ll be on an airplane on my way to the convention, so I’ll take this opportunity to post my Gen Con schedule, should any of you deign to visit me or one of my seminars. Not the most exciting blog post, I know, but unfortunately the adventurers in my D&D home game are about to crash into Sigil, and I need to spend the next few evenings preparing to immerse them in situations that are dreadfully morally ambiguous. Ah, to be an adventurer.


I’ll be arriving Wednesday morning, so if you’re interested in chatting about D&D or playing some delves or board games, let me know. I’ve got all day to hang out. Granted, after my red-eye flight, I’m not sure how fit I’ll be for social contact.


10 – 12: Playing new games. Booya.

12 – 1: Lunch.

1-2: Exploring the hall. Buying stuff. Having fun.

2-4: Monster Building Workshop in the Indiana Ballroom G of the Marriott. I’ll be doing this seminar with Mike Mearls and Bruce Cordell. Audience participation is encouraged, so please, come one, come all, and join us. We’ll be discussing design techniques and will update a 1st edition monster (of the audience’s choice) to 4E.

4-6: Sampling more new games.


8-10: Workshop with freelance editors.

10-11: Hanging around the booth in the exhibit hall. Come chat with me. Please. Oh, and if you haven’t tried the D&D demo, you should give it a try.

11-12: Exploring the exhibit hall more.

12-2: D&D Encounters Seminar in Indiana Ballroom G of the Marriott. Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, a Wizards of the Coast editor, will be leading this seminar with assistance from me and Organized Play guru Chris Tulach. We’ll be talking about our experiences with the Encounters program, including strategies for improving your local Encounters scene and previews of next season.

2-3: Lunch. I might be free, so hit me up on twitter (@gregbilsland).

3-6: Running games for VIGs in the Sagamore. Should be a blast!


9-10: Running a delve in the Sagamore. At PAX East, my group managed to get through both encounters in an hour. Do you think you can do the same?

10-12: D&D Preview and Q&A show. We’ll be in Indiana Ballroom G of the Marriott. I recommend coming early, because seating will be kind of limited. Program includes announcements of new product and answers to your pressing questions. My cohorts in this seminar will be Jeremy Crawford, Stephen Schubert, Mike Mearls, and Bill Slavicsek.

1-4: Three hours of glorious game-playing in the game halls and exhibit hall. I’ll be testing out new games, so if you have some suggestions, let me know.

4-6: Gamma World! I’ll be joining Rich Baker and Jennifer Clarke Wilkes to recount the craziness that is Gamma World. I’ll tell some of the crazy tales from my weekly Gamma World game, including how I shot Trevor Kidd with a rocket—I mean, I shot his character with a rocket. His character. Not him. He’s just fine. I mean, aside from that robotic arm. Watch out for his handshake—tell him I warned you.


Glorious free time! (Not that the rest of the time at Gen Con isn’t going to be awesome!) I’ll be playing games, hanging out and chatting about D&D and board games, and spending WAY too much money. This is a good day to catch me if you want to chat, trade product, or whatevs.


3 thoughts on “Gen Con or Bust

  1. Greg,

    I’ll be getting in Wednesday too and would definitely be interested in both chatting about D&D and playing board games (its what I usually do the Wed of the con anyways)!

    My friends and I are staying at the Marriott this year.. but just let me know when/where…

  2. I can’t be there this year but will be following on Twitter, so just imagine a guy in the front row cheering for the forgotten child of Draconomicon 1, the white abishai.

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