I Am Become Meme

A couple of weeks ago, Mike Robles (@michaelrobles), the community manager at Wizards of the Coast, commanded the power of the Internets to do a terrible thing.

Maybe “command” isn’t the word. Still, his innocent tweet set in motion a series of tweets…

@SarahDarkmagic: @michaelrobles Didn’t you hear? @gregbilsland was cast as the new Peter Pan.

@SarahDarkmagic @michaelrobles Having spent way too much money on those things as a teen, I’ll confirm it’s true. @theweem probably could “prove” it.

@MichaelRobles: @DnDPrincessAria @DMSamuel @SarahDarkmagic I think @theweem NEEDS to do it.

…eventually culminating in this.

That might have been the end, except fortunately Trevor Kidd conspired with the Weem (progenitor of the Tiger Beat cover) to exact revenge on Mr. Robles. It might have ended there, but Robles memed it up with this gem: #gregbilslandrumors, leading to a whole slue of Chuck-Norris-like claims about me. Unfortunately, a lot of the good ones are no longer showing up on a twitter search. Here’s a few I managed to dig up. Thanks to everyone who contributed—sorry, I didn’t have everyone’s twitter names, so I wasn’t able to give credit where it was deserved. 🙂

  • What caused the Mourning? Greg Bilsand rolled on the potion miscibility table.#dnd #GregBilslandRumors #Eberron#oldschool
  • Every time @gregbilsland blinks, it’s counted as an extended rest. #GregBilslandRumors #dnd
  • Greg (@gregbilsland) is so dreamy, that Edward from Twilight dreams about him. #gregbilslandrumors
  • Greg (@gregbilsland) once dated Natalie Portman. But he dumped her when she said she didn’t like Essentials. #gregbislandrumors
  • I heard that the #dnd Ravenloft setting was canceled so that the WotC staff could spend more time with @GregBilsland. #GregBilslandRumors
  • I heard that it was because @GregBilsland had blown away all the dark mists and beat up Strahd. #GregBilslandRumors
  • @gregbilsland has a Deck of Many Things- it contains only the Sun and Moon cards. #gregbilslandrumors
  • @gregbilsland’s Dark Sun campaign is so deadly, new characters start at their bloodied value and taking ongoing damage. #gregbilslandrumors
  • @gregbilsland has a Deck of Many Things- it contains only the Sun and Moon cards. #gregbilslandrumors
  • Fun Fact: @gregbilsland is related to no less than 31 WotC employees. They too are @gregbilsland. #GregBilslandRumors
  • WotC R&D has been working on a die based on @gregbilsland called the b20 but they can’t get it to roll anything but 20s. #GregBilslandRumors
  • Greg Blisland can only be found at the end of a double rainbow. #gregbilslandrumors
  • I heard that @GregBilsland’s wallet says “Greg MFing Bilsland” on it and is always filled with crisp $20 bills. #GregBilslandRumors
  • Greg Bilsland can edit the RPG content you are writing before you even think about it: precognitive mind control. #gregbilslandrumors
  • @gregbilsland doesn’t put his pants on one leg at a time. He teleports them onto his body psionically. #gregbilslandrumors

Why post all this on my blog? Well, if you can’t laugh at yourself, then what’s the point?


7 thoughts on “I Am Become Meme

  1. Good idea to post this on your blog so it won’t be lost in Twitter next week.

    I love this kind of thing but all the Twitter punctuation interferes with the flow of reading it.

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t include my contribution since you were kind enough to retweet it 😉

    “Chuck Norris doesn’t do push-ups. He and @gregbilsland are playing catch with the Earth. #GregBilslandRumors”

  3. This one had to be my favorite:

    OMG You guys! I’ve been sitting behind @gregbilsland this whole time! He smells like dreams, and manliness wrapped in marshmallows. #swoon

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